Where and with which company is it possible to rent a car or a motorhome in Australia. The motorhome should be not to expensive and the RV rental schould be possible from germany. Depeding on your plans it could make sense to have a RV rental in Australia and New Zealand. Because New Zealand is’t so far away. Now you have to check the offers and services so that your Australia RoadTrip makes a lot of fun.

Before our Australia holidays we had the same questions where can we rent a car which is low-priced. I want to help you with a list of potential vendors of mobile homes. To create the list I checked my pictures for motorhomes I have photographed on my Road Trip.

Okay, now the list of potential vendors of mobile homes and you have to compare the offers by your own.

Apollo – camper / motorhome

Website:  Apollo Camper
E-Mail: info@apollocamper.com
Australia: 1800 777 779
Denmark: 036 95 99 91
England: 020 7193 2066
New Zealand: 09 889 2976
Stockholm: 08 559 22 610
other countries: +800 3260 5466
Apollo car rental - camper

Apollo car rental – camper

Britz – camper / motorhome

Website: Britz Camper
E-Mail: unknown
Australia: 1300 738 087
England: 00 800 200 80 801
New Zealand:
  0800 081 032
North America: 011 800 200 80 801
other countries: 00 800 200 80 801
Britz car rental - camper

Britz car rental – camper

Hippi – camper / motorhome

Website: Hippi Camper
Adresse: info@hippiecamper.com
Australien: 1800 777 779
other countries: 800 3260 5466
Hippi car rental - camper

Hippi car rental – camper

Hippie Camper- Video from Zac Hidding

Here is a little video for the holiday mood.

Jucy – camper / motorhome

Website: Jucy Camper
Adresse: res@jucy.com.au
Australia: 1800 150 850
Germany: 0800 181 7169
England: 0800 559 3292
New Zealand: 0800 399 736
USA: 1800 650 4180
Netherlands:  0800 020 3516
Jucy car rental - camper

Jucy car rental – camper

Incredible New Zealand Road Trip

Here is a little video for the holiday mood.



Travel Wheels – camper / motorhome

Website: Travel Wheels
E-Mail: info@travelwheels.com.au
Australia: 1800 289 222
Germany: +61 2 9316 4290
Travel wheels car rental - camper

Travel wheels car rental – camper

Family Campervans Australia – Fun Family 5 Person Campervan from Travelwheels

Here is a little video in which it is explained how the campers look like and how everything works.

Travellers Autobarn – Camper / Wohnmobile

Website: Travellers Autobarn
E-Mail: unknown
1800 674 374
+61 2 9360 1500
Travellers Auto Barn car rental - camper

Travellers Auto Barn car rental – camper

Life in a Campervan! We love roadtrips!

Here is a little video for the holiday mood.



If you have a hint for me which company is missing in my list please write me an e-mail to mail. I will add the vendor to my list.


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